Amazing experience!

My wife and I did this tour as part of a cruise shore excursion. It was perfect in every way! Our guides, Zach and Quinn, truly made the experience! They were funny and engaging, but also worked hard and showed great attention to detail and safety. They seemed interested in getting to know each traveler in our group and tried to tailor the experience to each person’s comfort level. It was fun to see each of us become more comfortable with each zip. Would not change a thing. Highly recommended!

Richard M - North Carolina

Peaceful Exhilaration

My family and I (ages 55, 54, 25, 20, and 20) went ziplining during the second stop of our Alaskan cruise. After stopping at the Mendenhall Glacier for about 30 minutes of self-guided viewing, we were driven to the Eaglecrest Lodge for the zipline adventure. Our guides were Anya and Keegan (both 19, which was a little scary until we got up into the trees). They were extremely knowledgeable, competent, and fun, making the afternoon my favorite of the entire trip.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so peaceful and quiet up in the trees. I never looked down and was never scared, but was thoroughly exhilarated and had a great time. We took 5 trips across various lines, seeing treetops and streams. We had 8 participants in our group, so the wait for each crossing was definitely manageable. Pictures and photos were allowed as we waited our turn.
At the end of our 5th zip, we had to cross a suspension bridge before heading back to the lodge for a axe-throwing competition. I failed miserably, but the older kids did great.

NJB19641988 - Illinois

Zip Line Sep 15, 2019

My husband and I are both over 60 and this was our first experience with zip lining. Trystan and Tatiana made us feel completely comfortable and were amazing hosts. We would highly recommend this for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and enthusiasm.

Karyn B. - Ontario, Canada

Excellent Zipline adventure

My husband and I went on this zipline tour today and were super pleased with it. The ziplines themselves were really fun. The vantage point is nice and high-you are on top of the rainforest. It felt as if you were flying through the trees. We were able to see a bear, too. The guides, Colin and Andrew were both friendly and encouraging. We had a really wonderful time and definitely recommend!

Michelle P - September 2019

Great Bear tour

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Rina and Laurel. They kept us interested - knew where to be for the bears and kept us safe when they decided to “join” our tour on the boardwalk and in the bushes. It really is an amazing opportunity even though it was pouring rain.

ritatayenaka - Mission Viejo, CA

Awesome Zipline Adventure

Big shout out to Scotty and Rory for a great day flying through the trees and walking across suspension bridges! Very professional and knowledgeable while still making it fun and entertaining, putting all the first time nerves at ease and making sure the group really enjoyed themselves and took full advantage of the views and surroundings. Highly, highly recommend this tour :)

lisalou1901 - September 2019

We loved it here!!

My husband and I recently took our first trip to Alaska and this place was one of the highlights! Our guides, Kailyn and Adam were so friendly, fun, and helpful. They made it an awesome experience for us despite the fact that I was pretty terrified of zip lining at first. They know what they’re doing and make sure that you have a safe and exciting time. We recommend it 100%.

Elliana H

Ziplining in the Rain – Fast and Fun!

It was a rainy day in Ketchikan, yet Chris and Monica led us on a fabulous adventure through the treetops of Ketchikan. They assured us we would go faster and be totally safe even in the (pouring) rain. We did! Chris and Monica were supportive, helpful, encouraging, and kept us safe. We would recommend this adventure - regardless of the weather.

NancyFinKnoxville - September 2019


From the beginning - boarding the bus from the dock to the mountain ~ till the end - sadly leaving, back at the cruise - this was a spectacular experience! The people involved in organizing, planning and carrying out the “adventure”, although seemingly very young, are extremely competent. While being appropriately fun and funny, they’re focused in checking and double checking every possible safety detail. Thank you Quinn and Salix! You were absolutely great and are forever part of great memories!

Silver49189 - Delray Beach, Florida

First-time Zipliners? No problem!

We had a bit of apprehension at first, but with a couple of awesome guides like Quinn and Bradlee, we took to ziplining like champs! It was incredible. We were high among the beautiful canopy, traversed a suspension bridge, and what excursion is complete without some competitive ax-throwing tossed in? Fun, fun, fun! I would happily recommend this to anyone looking for a thrilling experience.

Jamil C - New York

Awesome Zipline Experience!!!

I was apprehensive about zip lining. I've always had a fear of heights. This was a real personal challenge for me. I would recommend this experience for either the novice (like me) or the experienced zipliner. The crew was very professional and put me at ease. Both Alexa and Matt did a great job in explaining the safety precautions that are taken to ensure a safe and fun experience. Kudos to Alexa and Matt for making this a great experience. I would highly recommend this company for their professionalism. Alexa and Matt should be commended for the manner in which they represent their company! Great Job!!!

Frank W

Fantastic Excursion

My first trip into Alaska and I took my 13 year old nephew on this excursion. Not even over cast and drizzle could take away from the exciting and fun time we had doing this. Our tour guides Greg and Sydney were top notch, engaging, personable and eager to help up have one of the best experiences we could. They delivered. I highly recommend this if you have a zest for adventure and can deal with heights. Our group ranged from 13 years old to 69, so a wide variety and it isn't too strenuous a journey.

Joseph A - Brooklyn, New York

Rainforest, Zip, Skybridge, and Rappel adventure

Trystan and Emma are superb guides. They are both very professional, knowledgeable, fun, and zany! I was a bit nervous but they quickly put me at ease when I realized that my safety was their number one priority. Trystan went above and beyond in his service to one of the zipliners who didn't quite make it across the span to the landing platform. Well done!

platinumrobin - Memphis, TN

Didn’t think I would ever do this at my age!

From the pick up at the Ketchikan pier to our drop off, it was excellent! We had excellent guides--Emma and Mack, that were extremely safety orientated and a lot of fun!!! They provided excellent information about how to zipline safely (which I had never done), the forest we were going through, wildlife and the town of Ketchikan.
There was a great gift shop at the end of the coarse which provided some hot drinks and snacks. They provided coats as well if you did not want to wear yours through the zipline coarse. The coarse was great with just enough long and short lines, 2 suspension bridges and the zipline heights were perfect. This was my first time ziplining and I am 61 years old and not in great physical shape, but I was able to do this coarse and I have the medal to prove it (which they provided at the end--free)! A great little momento of the event! Would definitely recommend to do.


There Be Bears Nearby

Arriving in Ketchikan on an NCL cruise, I booked this trip separately. It exceeded expectations, even in the rain. Read on for details.

A short drive from the embarkation point, we met our guides (Lauren and Rena, who were perfect in their roles) who escorted us to the walking path after a short orientation. It was cool and raining which were apparently the ideal conditions for bears to be out fishing; and they were. We saw our first bear within 2 minutes, followed by what was probably a mom-bear and cub and a mom-bear and two cubs. They fished, prowled the stream swatted at fish, climbed trees and did their bear thing.

We walked the path for about 90 minutes, in the rain, engrossed by unbelievably active and close bears nearby.

Special shout-out to the guides, Lauren and Rena; upbeat, informative and worked as a team to spot the bears.

doctorbobster - Gainesville, FL

A fun family adventure!

This was a great family adventure in the beautiful mountains of Juneau! It was my first time zip lining but my husband and daughters-14 and 15-had done short zips before. I was nervous but we all wanted a fun memorable adventure. Gregg and Alexa helped us all relax but more importantly to me, made us feel very safe. After the first zip, we all relaxed and had a blast! There were a bunch of groups coming up fast behind our larger group of 10, but Gregg did not rush and kept safety first. We would all highly recommend this zip line tour!

Yogamom2018 - Wisconsin
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