It's how Alaska
spells excitement.

Collin and Anthony were terrific!

The day was worth it from start to finish. Our guides were first and foremost concerned with safety, so I never felt any unease. Anthony and Collin are very funny and creative which made it even better. They work together as a great team. I'm sorry I didn't get the name of our photographer, he was very fun as well. This was one of the best excursions during our visit to Alaska.

It was a great time..... Don't miss it!

illini1000 - August 2018

WOW – WOW – WOW – This was my #1 excursion during my 7-day Alaskan cruise

We did the Misty Fjords tour. Family of 5 (mother, father, kids - 11, 7 & 5). We were fortunate and had the plane to ourselves (plus the pilot). It looks like the plane would hold 7 people + pilot. One passenger rides, "shotgun" in the co-pilot seat. We had a large group go, and they even took a 1-year old up.

You meet at their, very comfortable, building, watch a safety video, then are escorted to the dock by your pilot to your plane. Our pilot, Brentwood, was very experienced, safe, knowledgeable, and really engaging. I felt incredibly safe. I think the planes are powered by 9-cylinder engines. LOTS of torque. I couldn't believe how effortlessly the plane got airborne.

You fly about 30 minutes out, land in a remote lake, walk out onto the pontoons for about 15 minutes, then take off and fly back to the dock.

We flew at 3K feet. The views were beyond words. "Stunning, beautiful, breath-taking, spectacular", I could go on and on. I will never forget this excursion.

Some of the views may make the queasy a little shaky, but the experience will be worth it. Even though you're flying at 3K feet, some of the mountains you'll fly over will look like you're clearing them by only a couple hundred feet. Flying into the valley to land on the lake made my wife a little uneasy, but she was happy to do it.

Our 5-year old son fell asleep ten minutes into the trip. He never woke up for the landing/take-off on the lake, or the landing back by the dock.

Mark - North Carolina

Bears, Eagles, & Salmon!

What a great place to see black bears! We watched a salmon grab a salmon from the river! Then we saw a few others. There is a really nice boardwalk area for you to view from. The sanctuary has guides throughout the park. They radio each other to give updates on bear sightings so our tour guide to take us to that area. Our tour guides were Morgan and Joe. They are both FANTASTIC guides.
On top of seeing the bears, there are Bald Eagles everywhere! Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Lastly, there are so many salmon in the river.
This was a great tour - I highly recommend.

Kena C - Canada

We saw a momma bear and her cub below us!

This is great fun! Not hard and even though I am not a fan of heights or speed I enjoyed the tour thoroughly. Collin and Kelly kept us (a family of 6) in the know and ready to go. We all loved it. Don't miss it!

Capitan1226 - August 2018

Thanks for a wonderful tour, it was the highlight of our Cruise with Holland America.

Everyone was great, from the Staff at the sales counter at the Cruise Ship Dock to the Front End Staff and Dock Staff at the Base and, of course the Pilot. You a have a professional operation that made my party feel very safe. The safety video running in the passenger waiting area is a great feature, as is the R-985 on display.

Kurt R. - Alberta

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