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Asked questions

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Should I book a tour through my cruise ship or through you directly?

As a visitor to Ketchikan, you have the choice to pre-book with the cruise line or shop independently. Because port time and tour space are limited, it is suggested that tours be booked through the cruise line to guarantee pre-defined tour times that best suit your port schedule. We are a vendor with cruise lines and can assist you in booking our tours that is offered aboard your ship.

How do I book a tour?

Choose the tour you are interested in, click the Book Now button and complete the booking form.

If I booked directly with Kawanti Adventures and Taquan Air how do I meet my tour?

We will pick you up at the Rain Gauge near The Rock statue in downtown Ketchikan. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time. Directions will be included in your confirmation email.

What is the weather usually like in Ketchikan?

The weather is temperate and it can rain an average of 11.8 feet annually. Average temperatures can range between 51 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.

What is Ketchikan’s elevation?

Like many Southeast Alaska communities, Ketchikan is located at sea level and experiences a wide tidal range. The tides fluctuate from -4.2 to 20.6 feet and change from high to low every 6 hours.

What clothes should I pack?

It is always wise to be able to dress in layers with a waterproof outwear. Depending on your activities, you may need to bring a couple of choices for footwear, including one that is water repellent or resistant.

When is the best time to see bears in the wild?

Bears congregate in specific viewing areas as early as mid-July through September. Bears feed on salmon spawning or preparing to spawn in streams.

Is it always light in Alaska?

There is a substantial difference in the amount of sunlight between the summer and the winter months. We average over 17 hours of daylight in June and just over 7 hours in December.

Is it okay to tip my pilot or guide?

Tipping is not required, however if you think any of our staff provided that extra effort in service, then tips are always appreciated.

Do I need a passport to go to Alaska?

Although Alaska resides in the United States, if you are cruising here, some portions of travel may require a passport. Be sure to identify all points along your vacation to ensure you do or do not need a passport to participate.

What is the local currency?

All local businesses accept US currency. Many banks can exchange foreign currency for visitors.

Adventure Karts

Why Choose Kawanti Adventures?

We offer you a thrilling 1.5-hour off-road adventure over several miles of improved forest trails on privately owned rainforest property. Strapped into your custom designed Polaris RZR 1000, a comfortable pace is maintained as you thread your way around steep curves, climbing to reveal unparalleled views of the Tongass National Forest, Behm Canal, and the Inside Passage. Stops are made during your guided expedition so you can fully appreciate this great land, get a snack, and switch out drivers. We consistently receive outstanding reviews, so come on out and GET DIRTY!

What is required to participate?

Drivers must be 18 years old and bring a valid driver’s license upon arrival.  Participants must be at least 57-inches tall and weigh between 40 and 300 pounds.  18 years old is the minimum age for driving.

What should I wear?

Wear closed-toe shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Rain gear and a helmet are provided for use on the tour.

Will I get dirty on this tour?

We hope so! How dirty you will get depends on weather conditions. If the conditions are wet, expect mud. If the conditions are dry, expect a fine layer of dust on all exposed areas. We provide a rain bib and jacket to protect your clothing.

What are the physical restrictions?

This tour is not recommended for those with neck or back problems or expectant mothers.

How many people to a Polaris RZR 1000?

All of our Polaris RZR 1000’s are 4-seaters. If participants are licensed drivers, there are several stopping points along the tour that would allow drivers to switch.

Do I have to complete a waiver?

Yes, a liability waiver is required to be signed in the presence of the tour operator.

Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

What is Kawanti's Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary?

Kawanti Adventures operates a 40-acre private reserve located at Herring Cove, adjacent to a salmon hatchery, and is Ketchikan’s only private adventure and wildlife sanctuary. The site offers the best wildlife viewing location accessible by road. Our site is endorsed and supported by all major cruise lines that call to port. We have consistently received superior quality ratings from on-line reviews and on-board cruise ships.

What can I see and do at the Rainforest?

We offer interpretative walks through the rainforest with wildlife viewing opportunities, including seasonal Black Bears. View our 17-pole totem park with an impressive 40-foot totem–proudly being the first Tsimshian totem pole park in the country. Walk through a historic sawmill, visit the Blacksmith, shop in the General Store, and so much more. The site has the best that Southeast Alaska has to offer, all in one location!

How much walking is involved?

Depending on your tour, you can expect 0.5 to 1 mile of guided walking with a Naturalist along an improved forest trail. On our Black Bear & Wildlife Exploration, you will be walking on an elevated wooden boardwalk along a protected estuary following Eagle Creek.

Is the site accessible for guests with limited mobility?

All rainforest walks are all completed at a leisurely pace and there are no stairs to climb. The walks occur over compressed gravel and wooden boardwalks that are accessible to wheelchair users, weather dependent. During periods of heavy rains (frequent on Southeast Alaska) the trail can be difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, wheelchairs are not provided on site. Most of the trail system is flat however, there are short (30 yards) sections with moderate inclines and declines.

Will I see wildlife?

Wildlife sightings are frequent. We offer the only drive up bear viewing location in Southeast Alaska.

What about your bear tour?

Our bear tour operates from August through September, and are small intimate groups guided by an experienced naturalist. You will enjoy wildlife and photographic opportunities from elevated bridges, boardwalks, and viewing decks, with approximately 60 minutes of wildlife viewing time. Chances of seeing Black Bear are very good, but never guaranteed. Food is not permitted on the walking trails.

What should I wear?

Comfortable water-resistant walking shoes, layered clothing and a waterproof outer layer are recommended.

Taquan Air & Flightseeing

What is a floatplane?

A floatplane uses water as its runway by using floats or pontoons instead of wheels. Floatplanes are used throughout Southeast Alaska to access remote locations and communities that don’t have land-based runways.

What does Taquan mean?

“Village by the sea” in Tsimshian. Taquan is also associated with the alternate name for Annette Island, Taak’w Aan, located across the channel from Revillagigedo Island.

How long has Taquan been in business?

Taquan Air celebrated its 46th anniversary serving Southeast Alaska in 2023. Taquan Air is recognized as one of the most successful floatplane operations in Alaska. The company’s success can be attributed to safe, simple, and profitable operations by flying a standardized fleet and being customer service driven.

Why choose Taquan Air?

Taquan Air is one of the only airlines in Ketchikan that is endorsed and supported by all major cruise lines that call to port. We have consistently received superior quality ratings both internally and on-board cruise ships.

Taquan maintains an exceptionally high level of professional integrity and will not compromise safety or good business practices. Management has committed the company to be the top floatplane operator in Alaska. Taquan Air’s value statement begins with a companywide safety culture.

Taquan operates from a state of the art, custom built facility. Our terminal and passenger lobby offer a first-class water view to our floatplane dock that extends onto a large waterfront patio. Taquan Air offers superior excellence in a clean, well-kept, and professional environment.

Our fleet of DeHavilland Beaver and Otter aircraft is meticulously cared for by our own maintenance department. Taquan Air maintains a policy of adherence to the highest FAA Aircraft Maintenance Standards and routinely exceeds those standards. All routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and alterations to the aircraft, engines, propellers and appliances are performed in accordance with FAA regulations, manufacturer’s service bulletins, airworthiness directives, and the highest quality maintenance practices.

Taquan Air participates in the Medallion Foundation Aviation Safety Program which provides safety management systems and support to Alaska aviators. There is a Five-Star Program to provide process guidelines, training, and follow up with audit support and coordination to ensure compliance. Taquan Air has been awarded 5 out of the 5 stars and has been awarded the coveted Medallion Shield award. The five stars awarded are:

★ VFR Pilot – PCATD/Simulator Training Program

★ Operational Risk Management

★ Maintenance and Ground Service Operations

★ Safety Program

★ Internal Audit Program

The Medallion Five Star Shield program is an enhanced Safety Management System that is voluntary and focuses on establishing and sustaining an elevated level of safety performance through:

  • The development of a safety culture that holds safety as a core value
  • Continuous professional development of individual skills and competence
  • Proactive sharing of operational control responsibilities
  • Hazard identification and risk management
  • Management practices that support the organization’s safety objectives.

To maintain Shield status, the operator must successfully pass an audit each year. Learn more at Medallion Foundation.

What type of aircraft will I be flying in?

Taquan guests fly in either DeHavilland Beaver (6 passenger) or Otter (10 passenger) aircraft. Taquan Air is committed to having the finest fleet in commercial operation while maintaining the highest level of safety in ground and flight operations. The company’s comprehensive maintenance program is staffed with a highly trained and experienced team of professionals working in a state-of-the-art facility. Through this program, the company has completely refurbished all its aircraft to like-new standards.

Can I have a window seat?

Yes, everyone has a window seat.

Is there a weight limit?

Passenger names and weights are required by the FAA for weight and balance calculations and flight manifesting. To ensure aircraft weight and balance is within operating parameters, guests weighing 250 lbs. (clothed weight) or more may be required to pay an additional surcharge of $150 over the published fare direct to the tour operator.

Will I get motion sick?

If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to take precautions before the tour begins. Our flights are smooth, with slow and gentle turns. Most people do not get sick as this is a professional flightseeing tour, not a thrill ride

Does Taquan offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?

Yes. We also offer charters, scheduled passenger flights, and haul mail and freight to local communities year-round.


Why choose Kawanti Adventures?

We are the originator of zipline canopy tours in Alaska. It all began with us, and we do it best! Our courses are the largest in Alaska—the longest ziplines, breathtaking sky bridges, rappelling, rugged 4×4 mountain ascents, and much more. We’ll show you Alaska’s rainforest as few get to experience it!

What are the differences between your ziplines?

Rainforest Zip, Skybridge & Rappel Adventure:
Mercedes Unimog 4×4 ride up the hillside, 8 ziplines ranging from 100-600 feet, 1 suspension bridge allowing for wildlife viewing, 11 platforms, rappel to the forest floor from a 55-foot tower, with photos available for purchase. Time permitting you can visit the Totem Park, Historic Sawmill, Blacksmith, and General Store.

Aerial Zip & Rappel Course:
Mercedes Unimog 4×4 ride up the hillside, 8 ziplines with views of Bear Creek and a forest waterfall, 10 platforms, lower height and weight requirement than other ziplines, with photos available for purchase. Time permitting you can visit the Totem Park, Historic Sawmill, Blacksmith, and General Store.

Alpine Zipline Adventure: Located in Juneau’s Eaglecrest Ski Area, 5 ziplines varying in length and height – ranging from 100 feet tall to 600 feet long, 10 platforms, an aerial suspension bridge, fully enclosed treehouse platforms, and axe throwing.

What about the rain?

We zip rain or shine! Rain jackets will be provided at the start of the tour. We recommend you dress warm and in layers if the weather is cooler, rainy or windy.

What if I’ve never zipped before?

Our zipline courses are accessible to a wide range of people, abilities and ages. All courses are perfect for families, groups and first-time zipliners! 

Can I bring a camera with me while zipping?

We have photographers ready and waiting for you to fly through the trees, with your photos available for purchase after your adventure.

Is zipping safe?

Safety is fundamental to our operations. Our safety policies and procedures eclipse the standards established by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, the recognized authority in this field. We use state of the art equipment, provide extensive guide training, and conduct our tours in a safe environment.

What type of equipment is used during ziplining?

We use state-of-the-art course gear. Equipment includes harnesses, safety lanyards, pulleys/trolleys, carabineers, and helmets. Equipment is inspected daily and maintained in top condition to provide the safest and most comfortable zipping experience.

What should I wear?

Closed-toe shoes are required. Long pants and layered clothing are recommended. Rain gear is provided.

What is required to participate?

Aerial Zip & Rappel Course:
Minimum height 50 inches, minimum weight 70 pounds.

Rainforest Zip, Skybridge & Rappel Adventure:
Minimum height 50 inches, minimum weight 70 pounds.

Alpine Zipline Adventure:
Minimum age 8 years old, minimum weight 70 pounds.

For all ziplines:
• Maximum weight is 250 pounds. Weight limits are checked at the beginning of your tour and only established to ensure proper zipping speed on the courses.
• All participants must be willing and able to understand and follow instructions.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, a waiver/release form is required to be completed by all participants. Relatives other than the actual parents or legal guardians cannot accompany nor sign the waiver for a minor by law. A parent or legal guardian must sign the required waiver for minor children and must accompany and actively participate in the tour.

Can you accommodate people with disabilities?

With at least 24 hours’ notice we are happy to work together to try and find a subtle accommodation for a variety of disabilities. We recommend you first consult your doctor to receive a release for the activity and then contact us directly to try and find a safe accommodation.