Should I book a tour through my cruise ship or through you directly?

As a visitor to Ketchikan, you have the choice to pre-book with the cruise line or shop independently. Because port time and tour space are limited, it is suggested that tours be booked through the cruise line to guarantee pre-defined tour times that best suit your port schedule. We are a vendor with cruise lines and can assist you in booking our tours that is offered aboard your ship.

How do I book a tour?

Choose the tour you are interested in, click the Book Now button and complete the booking form.

If I booked directly with Kawanti Adventures and Taquan Air how do I meet my tour?

We will pick you up at the Rain Gauge near The Rock statue in downtown Ketchikan. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time. Directions will be included in your confirmation email.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

For flightseeing tours cancellations within 14 days and no-shows are charged the full fare; cancellations outside of 14 days will be charged a $25.00 per person cancellation fee.

For all other tours a full refund will be issued outside of 14 days. Cancellations within 14 days will incur a 10% fee. No-shows will not be refunded.

What is the weather usually like in Ketchikan?

The weather is temperate and it can rain an average of 11.8 feet annually. Average temperatures can range between 51 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months.

What is Ketchikan’s elevation?

Like many Southeast Alaska communities, Ketchikan is located at sea level and experiences a wide tidal range. The tides fluctuate from -4.2 to 20.6 feet and change from high to low every 6 hours.

What clothes should I pack?

It is always wise to be able to dress in layers with a waterproof outwear. Depending on your activities, you may need to bring a couple of choices for footwear, including one that is water repellent or resistant.

When is the best time to see bears in the wild?

Bears congregate in specific viewing areas as early as mid-July through September. Bears feed on salmon spawning or preparing to spawn in streams.

Is it always light in Alaska?

There is a substantial difference in the amount of sunlight between the summer and the winter months. We average over 17 hours of daylight in June and just over 7 hours in December.

Is it okay to tip my pilot or guide?

Tipping is not required, however if you think any of our staff provided that extra effort in service, then tips are always appreciated.

Do I need a passport to go to Alaska?

Although Alaska resides in the United States, if you are cruising here, some portions of travel may require a passport. Be sure to identify all points along your vacation to ensure you do or do not need a passport to participate.

What is the local currency?

All local businesses accept US currency. Many banks can exchange foreign currency for visitors.

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