Taquan Air & Flightseeing

What is a floatplane?

A floatplane uses water as its runway by using floats or pontoons instead of wheels. Floatplanes are used throughout Southeast Alaska to access remote locations and communities that don’t have land-based runways.

What does Taquan mean?

“Village by the sea” in Tsimshian. Taquan is also associated with the alternate name for Annette Island, Taak’w Aan, located in the Gravina Island, across the channel from Revillagigedo Island.

How long has Taquan been in business?

Taquan Air celebrated its 40th anniversary serving Southeast Alaska in 2017. Taquan Air is recognized as one of the most successful floatplane operations in Alaska. The company’s success can be attributed to safe, simple, and profitable operations by flying a standardized fleet and being customer service driven.

Why choose Taquan Air?

Taquan Air is one of the only airlines in Ketchikan that is endorsed and supported by all major cruise lines that call to port. We have consistently received superior quality ratings both internally and on-board cruise ships.

Taquan maintains an exceptionally high level of professional integrity and will not compromise safety or good business practices. Management has committed the company to be the top floatplane operator in Alaska. Taquan Air’s value statement begins with a companywide safety culture.

Taquan operates from a state of the art, custom built facility. Our terminal and passenger lobby offer a first-class water view to our floatplane dock that extends onto a large waterfront patio. Taquan Air offers superior excellence in a clean, well-kept, and professional environment.

Our fleet of DeHavilland Beaver and Otter aircraft is meticulously cared for by our own maintenance department. Taquan Air maintains a policy of adherence to the highest FAA Aircraft Maintenance Standards and routinely exceeds those standards. All routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and alterations to the aircraft, engines, propellers and appliances are performed in accordance with FAA regulations, manufacturer’s service bulletins, airworthiness directives, and the highest quality maintenance practices.

Taquan Air participates in the Medallion Foundation Aviation Safety Program which provides safety management systems and support to Alaska aviators. There is a Five-Star Program to provide process guidelines, training, and follow up with audit support and coordination to ensure compliance. Taquan Air has been awarded 5 out of the 5 stars and has been awarded the coveted Medallion Shield award. The five stars awarded are:

★ VFR Pilot – PCATD/Simulator Training Program

★ Operational Risk Management

★ Maintenance and Ground Service Operations

★ Safety Program

★ Internal Audit Program

The Medallion Five Star Shield program is an enhanced Safety Management System that is voluntary and focuses on establishing and sustaining an elevated level of safety performance through:

  • The development of a safety culture that holds safety as a core value
  • Continuous professional development of individual skills and competence
  • Proactive sharing of operational control responsibilities
  • Hazard identification and risk management
  • Management practices that support the organization’s safety objectives.

To maintain Shield status, the operator must successfully pass an audit each year. Learn more at Medallion Foundation.

What type of aircraft will I be flying in?

Taquan guests fly in either DeHavilland Beaver (6 passenger) or Otter (10 passenger) aircraft. Taquan Air is committed to having the finest fleet in commercial operation while maintaining the highest level of safety in ground and flight operations. The company’s comprehensive maintenance program is staffed with a highly trained and experienced team of professionals working in a state-of-the-art facility. Through this program, the company has completely refurbished all its aircraft to like-new standards.

Can I have a window seat?

Yes, everyone has a window seat.

Is there a weight limit?

Passenger names and weights are required by the FAA for weight and balance calculations and flight manifesting. To ensure aircraft weight and balance is within operating parameters, guests weighing 250 lbs. (clothed weight) or more may be required to pay an additional surcharge of $150 over the published fare direct to the tour operator.

Will I get motion sick?

If you are prone to motion sickness, you may want to take precautions before the tour begins. Our flights are smooth, with slow and gentle turns. Most people do not get sick as this is a professional flightseeing tour, not a thrill ride

Does Taquan offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?

Yes. We also offer charters, scheduled passenger flights, and haul mail and freight to local communities year-round.

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